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Online auction

ever heard of online auction?
can u imagine u bought an ipad for rm10.65?
can u imagine u bought an iphone4 for rm3.18?
this auction website can make it!
I Love Labels
with 1 cent per bid. you can bid for ur favorite item!
once u register an account u can get 3 credits
mean that 3 cents free for u
after this 3 free credits finish
u can get it through online payment
but still consider cheap for the item u want
the credit selling price is rm2 for 1 credit
if u are lucky, maybe u bought 1 credit and bid once
no people fighting with u, then done!
u can get maybe an ipad with rm0.01!
faster go check it out now!
if not u will miss out some nice deal!

Legalize Sport Betting

last month before my english presentation
i found this topic..
malaysia is going to legalize sport betting~
and giving license to public
and earn money from taxes..

and today news..
the minister of finance department said..
malaysia get the permit of sport betting..
but still considering whether want apply or not..
they will decide in 1 month time which is before the start of south africa 2010 world cup start that at 11 june
why dont?
only with this license..
they can earn approximately RM25million!
and the minister said the money will be used to improve some department of our country sport..HMMMM..
maybe? where exactly the money at last go to..u know i know lo..
cant say it here later get report and close my blog again..

about the religion issue, they din mention about it..
but a lot of underground sport betting..
dont tell me they din involved in that..
whether they legalize or not..still the same..
u legalize..everyone will bet
u illegalize..everyone still will bet
and the government said..
control underground bookie or control ur wallet?

for my opinion..chance to win the sport betting is 1/10
10 bets 9 loses..
world cup is exciting..but bookie paid so much for the license..
they sure can cover back their money..
and it's all ur money..


i bought my dell laptop last year..
through online and buy directly from dell..
after made the payment..
u can check ur order status till which stage already
damn nervous damn exciting~
my very 1st laptop!

1 year past~
my warranty expired last month..
and so far my laptop just spoil a dvd rom within this year
they teach u to fix through phone call..
then still cant work..
they send a technician right in front of ur door to repair
and last week..
my keyboard spoiled..
very very sad..backlit keyboard..
and no more warranty..
but after that open back there fixed already..

know wrong already..must extend my warranty..
then i phone dell service center..
i ask them how much it cost to extend my warranty
the sales girl told me..
nine hundred and eighty five ringgit..RM985
i stunt..'huh? nine hundred? for 3 years ar?'
'no..only for 1 year..'
if extend when purchasing..
below rm200
if extend when still under warranty..
rm500 something
only for 1 year..

so for those who thinking to get a product from dell
don save the money for the warranty..
just go for it..
is worth the price..
best after sales service..

Stop Complaining

just register for next semester timetable
a lot of ppl complaining about the heavy traffic server
facebook full of wall post about the server..
the utar website..
but at the time u complaining..the time u scolding..
u ever think about how much does it cost to set up a server?

first of all..have to buy a domain..
then the web hosting server..
this have to pay every year..
and as the traffic rising..have to upgrade which is highly cost
as an university..
impossible use pirate software ma~
set up a website not 1 software can gao tiam everything
CMS..content management system
the software can allow u change the content of website easily
for editing..the adobe dreamweaver..adobe photoshop..


and u try counting other expenses of an university..
a private university without support of government
the new campus at kampar..
the salaries of staff..
maintenance of everything..
and u think back HOW MUCH school fees u paid
what u expect? with rm4-5k per semester
u wan they give u a service like oxford U?


although i quite frustrated about that..
accept it..utar is my choice..


who need buy a new cpu?
i can get the cheapest part and cheapest charge to u!
tell me the spec u wan or ur budget!
i help u fix a liang cpu!
msn or facebook or msg me here now!

after cny come back to kl
i started my keep fit process..
really damn suffer~
have to stop myself eating a lot of foods..
every dinner eat only oat meals..plain oat meal
exercise 1 hour at least..
then tired like hell
after 5 weeks hell training from my new housemate~
i loss 9kg total..haha but cant tahan already
must stop it a while for my final exam..
coming soon..5 subjects all 3.0 credit hours..

nothing much happen to me recently
bought a new cpu put at kk~
DIY myself pls believe me..
n oso bought n85!
finally i get myself a better hp..

epl is fighting very very exciting now~
arsenal got a dim hope~
manu chelsea still fighting for every game..
cant lose any game from now!
2 games left..can manu get 3 (or 4..i forgot) epl title in a row?
and world cup is coming!
the fever now is getting hotter n hotter!

lazy update really..
pls help me promote the cpu fixing pls..
need find some work to earn some pocket money!


i know i long time no update liao..
make my fans disappointed! LOL
especially the one call me updateeeeeeeeeeeeeee tat one

starting of 2010..
nth special..just finish my sem break and back to kl~
i get back to kl 1 week earlier~
and this is where my happiness started :)
stop more detail story about tat..

firstly i moved to new house
staying with own friends..
better balcony view~

after 2 times went back to kk..
my weight gained damn a lot~
n im transforming back to old look..
the fat ass look..
with a big tummy n big face..

the 1st week of my new sem..
ah lo came kl for holiday~
but quite a pity holiday trip for him..
he shopping over budget..
stay at home everyday..
follow me go uni together
at last end up like this..


few weeks later is cny holiday again~
go back kk again..
this time success to maintain my weight~
cuz cirit birit from day 1 until day 3 of cny..
1 day need go toilet around 8 times..
shit till i no energy to eat..
eat liao also waste other ppl de food..
better don eat!
other ppl eat liao can enjoy and digest nicely only shit out..
if i eat direct come out..waste~

cny holiday my dad have to make appointment with me
just for a family day~
4th day of cny i got a family trip to zoO!
then the next day went to labuan..
a place tat very near to me..
but never went there even i stay here for 20 years
saw a lot of alcohol there..
very huge size~
but too bad im not a alcohol drinker :)


1 week past~
holiday left 3 weeks..
very suffer when think dao have to go for long sem again..
after register timetable got 2 days is from 8am-7pm

4 days more will be the end of 2009...
my age is starting with 2 soon..
this year start i passing meaningless life~
work ball sleep work ball sleep...
tat time i very wish to study~can feel exam~
and now i very wan this kind of life..
wake up then eat then yimcha then ball then yimcha again..
life without pressure without stress..
but without meaning also~

nice sam lee...
soon will become a hot k song~

someone has devil body n angel face!